AN-LAN-EXT-POE-HUB4 4 Channel Ethernet And Power Receiver Hub
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AD-Net AN-LAN-EXT-POE-HUB4 4-Channel Ethernet and Power Receiver Hub is a Multi-Channel Ethernet and power receiver hub. It simultaneously receives Ethernet and power signals over any pair of 2-wire such as coaxial cable, twisted pair, Cat5, power line, etc. The max PoE distance can reach to 500 meters. Max physical bandwidth can reach 500Mbps. This product can be widely used for network extension system, network security system, network information publishing system, network renovation and expansion systems, elevator, railway, urban traffic, mining and telecommunication, etc.


  • Max transmission distance can reach 600m

  • PoE transmission distance up to 500m

  • Max physical bandwidth can reach 500Mbps

  • Transmit high-speed network data and power signal over any 2-wire

  • Transparent transmission, no adjustment, no need to change the upper software

  • 19 inch rack size installation, plug and play, anti-interference design





Power Input

100120VAC/3A; 200240VAC/2A

Power Output


Transmission / Rate

Standard Compliance

IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u

Physical Speed


Physical Characteristic

Dimensions (L × W × H)




Net Weight


Operating Environment

Working Temperature


Working Humidity

95% (Non-condensation)


Definition of Receiver & Transmitter; Terminal device & Remote device: 

Receiver & Transmitter: Ethernet Extender Unit connected to the computer is Receiver by default. Ethernet Extender Unit connected to the camera is Transmitter by default.

Terminal device / Remote device: Terminal device generally refers to the direction of computer / machine room, and remote device generally refers to the direction of camera.



Installation Instruction


Installation Instruction


Connect the coaxial cable to the BNC terminal of hub (1)


General power indicator is always on when working (6)


Connect the two-wire to the 2P terminal of hub (2)


Unit power indicator is always on when  working (7)


Connect the RJ45 terminal to the end-side network devices (3)


Network data indicator is flashing when  working (8)


Connect power (110VAC) to the power terminal (4)


Unit line indicator is always on or flashing when working (9)


Power switch (5)


Grounding terminal (10)


Installation Diagram

(1) Single channel POE Extender (AN-LAN-EXT-MINI-POE) can be used together with 4-channel Ethernet and power receiver hub (AN-LAN-EXT-POE-HUB4), provide 110~220VAC for the 4-channel Ethernet and power receiver hub, single POE Extender, POE Camera no need extra power supply.

(2) 4-channel Ethernet and power receiver hub (AN-LAN-EXT-POE-HUB4) can support 4 POE Cameras or 4 IP Cameras or POE and IP Cameras combination configuration at the same time.

Use Tips

When you use AN-LAN-EXT-POE-HUB4, please follow the below tips as a reference, in order to reduce the fault in the process of using and the inspection work.

  1. The device supports auto-negotiation allocation Receiver and Transmitter. When multiple hubs put together, it must be grouped. Otherwise, the network data won’t transmit. This hub unit suggests to be installed in the terminal side.
  2. Signal transmission cable must be the copper cable. Other material cables will cause the decrease of signal transmission quality and distance.
  3. Long distance cable connection must be formal connection methods, such as welding or using connectors.
  4. Coaxial cable, twisted-pair cable, telephone line and power line all can be used to transmit network data signal in projects. A variety of cables arbitrary mixed connection also can reduce the quality of signal.
  5. Please choose matching power supply (110~220VAC).
  6. There is no waterproof design for this product, please make sure it is used in dry environment.
  7. If device fails, do not disassemble or repair it by yourself. Please contact us timely.

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4-Channel Ethernet & Power Receiver Hub, working with AN-LAN-EXT-MINI-POE POE transmitter as remotes


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