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AD-NET presents the industry’s leading GPON OLT – model AN-G-OLT8000, which complies with the relevant standards of ITU G.984.x and FSAN. AN-G-OLT8000 is 1U Rack mount equipment, 8pon ports, 8 GE uplink optic ports, 8 GE uplink electric ports. The maximum optical coupling ratio of 1:128, up to 1024 GPON ONTs. The down link band width is 2.5Gbps and uplink bandwidth is 1.25Gbps. The product is in compact design and convenient for flexible using, easy to deploy with high performance. It can meet the requirements of equipment performance and compact volume of the room environment. It can also satisfy the requirements of the access network and enterprise network that enhancing the network function, improving the reliability and reducing power consumption. The product is suitable for the “triple play” service, the resident of optical access network, video surveillance network, enterprise network and the Internet of the network applications.


  • GPON OLT comply with ITU-T G.984/G.988 standards and China’s Telecom industry GPON standards
  • Support OMCI remote management of ONT/ONU, compatible with ITU-984.4 OMCI protocol
  • Standalone 1U 8PON compact design of OLT products
  • AN-G-OLT8000 provides 8 GPON ports, 8 uplink GE optical ports + 8 uplink GE electric ports, 10 Gigabit card expansion slot provides 2*10Gigabit SFP+ uplink port. Each PON port supports 128 ONT, total 1024 ONT for one chassis. Support dual power supply redundancy, 220VAC and -48VDC mixed.
  • GPON OLT works witj SFU, HGU series ONT products, Meet the needs of the different scenarios of networking
  • The complete layer 2 switching function
  • OLT is with powerful layer 2 switching capacity and complete layer 2 protocol. Supporting with the exchange, isolation and One By One working mode. Supporting port aggregation, VLAN, port speed, queue technology, flow control technology and ACL rich two layer function. Offering the technical support for the development of the multi-service fusion.
  • The QOS security
  • GPON products is with complete DBA function and excellent ability of QoS service. DBA provides a variety of QoS for the GPON system by means of four types of bandwidth and five types of T-CONT. It can meet different business flow of time delay, jitter and packet loss rate of different QoS requirements.
  • Easy-to-use management system
  • Support CLI and SNMP management. complying with OMCI standard. Realizing the business management through OMCI channel protocol, including the ONT function parameters, type and number of T-CONT business, QoS parameter, configuration request information and performance statistics, automatic notification running event system, the realization of OLT on ONT configuration, fault diagnosis, performance and security management.


1U 19 inch standard box
1*10 Gigabit uplink card slot
2 power module slot
Uplink Port
8*10/100/1000M auto-negotiable
8 SFP slotsㄗ1000BASE-TX interfaceㄘ
10GE card
2 SFP (optional)
PON Port
Physical Interface
SFP Slots
Connector Type
ITU-TG.984.2Class B+
Max splitting ratio
Management Ports
1 10BASE-TX out band port
1 CONSOLE port
PON Port Specification
ㄗApply to AD-NETPON moduleㄘ
Transmission Distance :20KM, PON port speed: Downstream Data Rate: 2.5Gbps, Upstream Data Rate: 1.25Gbps, Wavelength: 1490nm TX,1310nm RX, Connector: SC,
Fiber Type: 9/125μm SMF, TX Power: +1.5~+5dBm,
Rx Sensitivity: -28dBm, Saturation Optical Power: -8dBm
Management Mode
SNMP, Telnet, CLI
Management Function
Support for state monitoring, configuration management, equipment log, equipment upgrades, equipment management, user management.Layer-2 switch configuration such as Vlan, Trunk, RSTP, IGMP, QOS, etc. PON management function: DBA, ONT authorization, ACL, QOS, etc. Online ONT configuration and management. User management. Alarm management
Power Supply
AC: 90V~240V,47/63Hz
Power Consumption
Operating Environment
Working Temperature
0~50 C
Storage Temperature
-40~85 C
Relative Humidity
5~90%(non condensing)
gpon olt

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8PON GPON OLT 1U chassis, 8 GE uplink optic ports, 8 GE uplink electric ports, 220VAC or -48VDC plug-in power modules, supports dual power configuration, optional 10Gbit uplink port.

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