GEPON ONU 每 customer unit 4FE + 2FXS/FXO
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GEPON ONU adopts single fibre WDM technology with downlink wavelength 1490nm and uplink wavelength 1310nm .It only needs one-core fibre to transmit data, VOIP services at the same time. The transmission distance is up to 20km.
AN-ONU-FTTH-02 GEPON ONU lays aside in the commercial building or the apartment to access the IP service, traditional access service and the digital special line service in the sole platform. Complete the management and disposition through the synthesis management system which are provided by MSC.
GEPON ONU AN-ONU-FTTH-02 (4FE+2POTS) is a FTTH bandwidth access equipment.Based on mature and stable GEPON technology, it has powerful functions with high stability ,sound QoS guarantee ,comprehensive management and flexible networking construction, etc .ONU AN-ONU-FTTH-02’s technology standard fully complies with ITU-T,IEEE,YDT and telecommunication technology standard.
AN-ONU-FTTH-02 is terminal device for single EPON user with core chipset Teknovus and Infineon’s SOC .It could be used with AD-net local equipment OLT to construct EPON system .It could provide three service access ,meeting the end users’ demands for surfing ,telephone service. AN-ONU-FTTH-02 offers 1 PON port ,4 10/100M data ports ,2 POTS (VOIP)ports and 1 Console port.


  • Comply with IEEE802.3ah(EPON), and China Telecom EPON technology standard V2.1
  • Support IEEE802.3AH OAM function
  • Maximum distance:20km;Maximum splitting Ratio:1:64(10km)
  • Support various service ,such as  Data ,Voip and IPTV
  • Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation technology
  • Powerful and strong POTS server
  • Voip module is adopted Infineon solo chip with high density SOC
  • Support three kinds of VoIP protocol,H248/MGCP/SIP
  • Support three types of compression calculation method ITU-T G711(64Kbps),G723.1(5.3Kbps/6.3Kbps),G729(8Kbps);A/u configuration available
  • Support echo cancellation TTU-T G168-2002 with the longest echo cancellation 64ms.
  • Support three types of fax ,such as transparent transmission under high/low speed mode ,T30,T38
  • Support Modem(56Kbps)dialling access
  • Support DTMF detection and generation
  • Produce various signal tone ,including dialling tone ,busy tone ,call back tone and bee chatter tone ,etc .
  • Support twice-dialling and colour ring service
  • Support RFC2833 ,redundant RFC2833,shake bell recognition ,MD5 encryption authorization
  • Support 2 POTS ports dial the third party at the same time and talking among three parties available
  • Support POTS external line 112 test function( test power voltage and power resistance)
  • Support IEEE802.1Q,QinQ function
  • Support IEEE802.1p quadruple QoS priority function
  • Comply with ITU-T K20 requirement
  • 220Vac power supply cable
  • 7*24hour calling loss £ 0.01ㄔ
  • 220VAC power cable contact automatic protection function
  • Support optical power real-time detection(optional)
  • Support PPPoE,DHCP, static IP
  • Support networking management mode ,such as CLI, Web and EMS based on SNMP protocol
  • Support group upgrading online and software automatic upgrade
  • Support battery supplying power(through USD adapter port)


  • 1 PON PX-20 or PX-10 port for uplink
  • 4 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 2 POTS (FXS/FXO) ports
  • Built upon EPON MAC core with integrated, patent protected TDM/POTS functionalities
  • Fully compliant with IEEE802.3ah EPON standard when running in pure EPON mode
  • Equipped with GbE/FE as network interface to IP networks and E1 interfaces to TDM networks
  • Support of up 1:64 split ratio, and both IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE PX10 and PX20 PON physical interfaces
  • Up to 8K MAC addresses and 256 multicast groups per PON
  • 1U chassis, DC/AC L2 VLAN tag switching
  • IGMP multicast snooping
  • QoS services
  • IEEE 802.3ah EPON protocol TCP/IP, ICMP, IGMP Proxy/snooping, ARP, DHCPSNMP V1/V2c, SNTP, TRAP, Syslog


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FTTH GEPON ONU unit with 1 PON PX-20, 4 Ethernet and 2 POTS ports.

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