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Along with the development of the CCTV, it’s more and more necessary to utilize a kind of high-quality and low-priced video transferring method. The traditional coaxial cable and fibre-optical transferring methods can only solve the short and long-distance video transferring problems, however, the picture signal transferring for a distance around 1000 meters becomes the bottle-neck of the monitoring field. A series of twisted-pair video transferring equipment researched and developed by AD-net Technology Co. Ltd. use one of the four non-sheltering Cable 5 or above twisted-pairs to transfer the basic band video signal with high-quality, and can realize the transferring of one or more high-quality video signal or control signal in the same cable. What’s more, the signals will not interfere with each other with the nominal transferring distance between 0~1500 meters. This kind of twisted-pair video transferring equipment has super strong anti-interference ability, which makes it the best choice in such strong-interfering environments as the lift, concrete plant, steel plant and electric plant etc.
This kind of transferring method has lots of advantages such as convenient wiring, simple installation, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, good transferring effects and low system cost etc. Its utilization has brought great changes to the traditional wiring methods in all kinds of monitoring places as the intelligent building and residential districts. It provides a high performance/price ratio solution to the monitoring engineering system design.


  • PAL, NTSC, SECOM All-systems compatible;
  • Transmission range: color signal 225m(750 feet) working with AD-net Passive Receivers, and 800m(2624 feet) with AD-net Active Receivers;
  • 2-level adjustment of Brightness;
  • Open on spot and easy adjustment;
  • Convenient installation.


Input Level
1.5Vp-p/ 100Ω Max, Balanced
Normal Output Level
1Vp-p/ 75Ω, Unbalanced
Video: DC to 6 MHz.
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
15KHz-5MHz: Typical 60dB
Differential Gain
Differential Phase
Weighted Signal-noise-ratio
Insertion Loss
Determined by Automatic Gain Control
Max. Distance Color/ B&W
Cat 5 UTP: NTSC: 5000 ft (1.5km); PAL:4000 ft (1.2km)
Image Adjustment
Automatic Gain Control for Sharpness and Luminosity
Built-in floating and surge protection:
3 levels, 6000v 1.2μS×50μS
LED Indicator
Green Led for Video Signal: Red Led for Power status
Two (2) screw terminals for twisted pair
Power Supply
DC12V or AC 24V
Operating: -25° to 70° C  Storage: -25° to 85° C
Up to 95%
ABS fire retardant plastic
Length 55mm×Width 45mm×Height 27mm

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Single Channel Active Transmitter, Screw terminals and Female BNC, Built-in brightness and sharpness control, Ground lifting.


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