Economy Type Enhanced High Speed Ethernet LAN Extender
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Video shows installation example of IP camera extended over UTP cable, however, every Ethernet device can be used, such as PCs, LAN switches etc.


AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-E Ethernet Extender allows 10/100 BaseT Ethernet to be transmitted over any 2-wire copper cables. This device is often used in legacy installations where existing wire is re-used as part of an upgrade to IP devices.
This device contains one Master unit and one Slave unit, which supports point-to-point network transmission. Now this device has been widely used for network extension system, network security, network information publishing system, network renovation and expansion systems, etc.


  • Max transmission distance can reach 600m (RVS 2×1mm2).
  • Max physical bandwidth can reach 500Mbps.
  • Plug and play, transparent transmission, no adjustment and no need to change the upper software.
  • Low power consumption, communication channel dynamic adjustment and high performance error correction coding technology.


Available Voltage Range
Power Consumption
≤3W / PC
Transmission / Rate
Standard Compliance
IEEE1901, IEEE802.3
Up down Agreement
Physical Speed
Encryption Way
128-bit AES Encryption
Physical Characteristic
Dimensions (L × W × H)
Net Weight
150g / PC
Operating Environment
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
95% (Non-condensation)
Telephone Line: Cat 3 or above
Power line: RVV / RVS / RVVP / RVB 2×1mm2 above
UTP Cable: Cat5 (2 pair) or above
RJ45 port by EIA / TIA568B
Power Adapter by 12VDC/1A, 5mm female power port (Optional)


Installation Instruction
Installation Instruction
Network equipment is connected to RJ45 port of master unit (1)
The connection terminal of A line of 2-wire (8)
The connection terminal of A line of 2-wire (2)
The connection terminal of B line of 2-wire (9)
The connection terminal of B line of 2-wire (3)
Connect the UTP cable of network equipment to RJ45 port of slave unit (10)
Connect power supply (12VDC) to the power port (4)
Connect power supply (12VDC) to the power port (11)
Power indicator is always on (5)
Power indicator is always on (12)
Line indicator , the indicator is always on or flash (6)
Line indicator, the indicator is always on or flash   (13)
Network data indicator, it quickly blinks when data is normal (7)
Network data indicator, it quickly blinks when data is normal (14)
AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-E Ethernet Extender signal belongs to high frequency radio frequency signal. Considering the cable loss, please choose better quality connectors.
Use Tips
When you use AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-E, please follow the below tips as a reference, in order to reduce the fault in the process of using and the inspection work.
  1. The device supports auto-negotiation allocation master and slave. It also can be set master-slave side and grouped by software.
  2. Signal transmission cable must be the copper cable. Other material cables will cause the decrease of signal transmission quality and distance.
  3. Long distance cable connection must be formal connection methods, such as welding or using connectors.
  4. Coaxial cable, twisted-pair cable and telephone line all can be used to transmit network data signal in projects. A variety of cables arbitrary mixed connection also can reduce the quality of signal.
  5. Please choose matching power supply (924VDC/AC / 1A).
  6. There is no waterproof design for this product, please make sure it is used in dry environment.
  7. If device fails, do not disassemble or repair it by yourself. Please contact us timely.


Can be set up grouping, but can’t set up Master/Slave unit
Both can be set up grouping and set up Master/Slave unit
Only support point to point transmission
Support point to point and point to multi-point transmission, 1 master can connect 4 slaves at the same time
Integrated operational amplifier and SDRAM, low cost chip solution
Independent operational amplifier and SDRAM, high cost
High integration of chips
Low chip integration, BGA package, good heat dissipation
Support multicast function
Support multicast function
Level 2 surge protection
Level 3 surge protection
Bandwidth is 59Mbps in 500m
Bandwidth is 82Mbps in 500m
Anti-interference ability is ordinary
Very strong anti-interference ability, used in strong industrial electromagnetic interference environment
Suitable for network transmission in a small and simple environment within 600 meters
Suitable for network data transmission in various environments within 1000meters
In a word, AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-E is suitable for simple environment, like IP Camera, IP intercom and so on, for AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-240/500can be used in various environments, not only use in conventional environment like IP Camera system, especially in complicated interference environment, it can guarantee network data stable transmission, like Elevator IP system, Elevator IP Camera, Elevator IP Intercom, Elevator Network Multi-media display, mining and so on

Ordering Information

Economy type Enhanced LAN extender for twisted pairs or telephone cables, 2 pin terminal for line interface, RJ-45 for LAN port, included 12V power adapter.


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