Auto Optical Line Protection Backup (OLP) System
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Optical Line Protection Equipment is developed by our company for the application of optical line backup protection system. It adopts the most advanced auto-switching optical line module, which is widely used for the interchange switch between main and backup lines and can automatically identify the signal from main line or backup line. With instantaneous interchange switch, it can keep the system run as normal as before when the main optical links completely break down, which improves the service quality of the network operator. OLP has been widely applied at trunk link protection between main line and backup line and optical link switching network system. It has the advantages of signals that can be directly converted for use within the optical line, small volumes, economy and data safety, so it has been widely used in optical transmission fields.
OLP adopts the design of 1 U-high and can be installed into a standard LGX metal chassis. It applies at 1+1 optical line backup system (1:1 optical line backup system). When the optical main line breaks down, it can maintain the signal transmission by automatically switch to backup line.


  • Support auto return, auto no return, manual/ forced mode optical switch£»
  • Support the liquid crystal display£»
  • Support the working channel optical power show£»
  • Allows users to adjust the decision threshold optical switching power£»
  • Support 220V and-48V dual power supply;
  • Support the backbone lines dull sound alarm;
Function menu
  • Part of optical power
  • Threshold part of the wavelength
  • Warning section
  • The delay part
Protection methods
  • 1+1Protection methods
  • 1:1Protection methods
Warning display
  • The main fiber failure
  • Fiber optic equipment failure
  • Tx matt input, the main power failure
  • -48V power failure


Device Interface£º
  • RS232 
  • Model Management button
  • SC optical interface or 6 FC / UPC
  • 100M Ethernet port
  • Telnet
  • Network management
  • Keys & LCD
  • Console
Working Conditions:
Input Voltage                                          
DC-48V(-36V ~ -72V)
Power Consumption                   
Operating Temperature                          
Storage Temperature                 
10%~90% non-condensing
-40 meters to 5,000 meters
Working Hours
MTBF 140127 hours
160 × 32 pixels
Physical Dimension:
External Dimension                        440mm(W)×44.5mm(H)×220mm(D,including ground terminal)
Chassis Type                                         
EIA 19″
1+1 type Optical Protection Example
1:1 type Optical Protection Example

Ordering Information


1:1 type Auto Optical Line Protection Backup (OLP) System, power redundancy is an ordering option


1+1 type Auto Optical Line Protection Backup (OLP) System, power redundancy is an ordering option


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