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Along with rapidly development of construction and application of large-scale internet, the wide application of new technology and new equipment makes the network even more complicated. Under such circumstances, resource distribution degree and sharing degree have enhanced greatly, any small breakdown may cause user failure of application. How to discover and eliminate potential breakdown soon and effectively manage network well is the common question of providers of network equipment and network service. People are in urgent need of network management tool which is of perfect function, safe and reliable, convenient and flexible for using to strengthen the ability of network management and enhance the using efficiency of network.

All communication equipments in the company supports RS485 network management system, and the equipment can be conveniently managed through network management main engine. However, RS485 network management has certain limitation: a main engine only can manage the equipment connected to main line of RS485 controller. If central-end PC has to manage equipments of several sub-bureaus, RS485 network management is helpless.

At present RS485 network management system can be promoted to SNMP network management system through SNMP network management card, and supports communication of spanning network. Main engine of management can manage any SNMP network management card which is connected to IP city-territory net.

SNMP network management card inserted in 1st slot on 16 ports rack can manage communication equipments on 1-16th slots and two communication power supply on 17 and 18 slot.


  • Standard SNMP network management, completely supports MIB file libraries.
  • Supports IE browser to examine system status and to set parameter.
  • Graphic screen is in accordance with indicating status of actual equipment.
  • supports spanning-net communication, network management main engine can manage many sub-branchequipment.
  • Supports monitoring of local equipment to remote-end equipment.
  • Number of monitored equipments depends on the number of IP resources, AD-net offers unlimited access for your network management needs.
  • Demonstrates comprehensive history alarm and current alarm 24 h per day.

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