E1 G.703 to Ethernet & RS-232 converter
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Model AN-FE1-RS232-ETH  is a single port framed E1 with  RS232 channel and Ethernet Bridging that provides high-speed LAN-to-WAN connectivity. Plugging directly into the 10/100Base-T port of a hub or LAN switch, the FE1-ETH converter provides FE1 access at connection data rates of 2.048 Mbps, or  nx64 (n=1 to 32 channels). The FE1-ETH +RS232 converter is an excellent choice for internet access as well as LAN-to-LAN services.


  • Have two row of LED , one indicate local status, the other indicate remote status
  • Remote adjustment of velocity for the remote device is available, you can set the velocity of one side, and the velocity of the other side can auto adjust.
  • Based on FPGA, easy to upgrade
  • Ethernet port support AUTO- MDIX( straight line and crossed line adapt); the interface of LAN is 10/100M ,full/duplex auto-negotiation
  • LAN interface support 802.1Q(VLAN) protocol
  • Provide two clock mode, E1 main clock and E1 line clock
  • Have three LoopBack Mode: E1 interface LoopBack(ANA)¡¢LAN interface/RS232 LoopBack(DIG)¡¢command the remote LAN interface/RS232 LoopBack (REM)
  • E1 port support BNC 75-ohm dual coax and RJ45 120-ohm twisted-pair G.703 connections provided, support 75ohm/120ohm adapt;
  • Support PBRS test function and it could use as a error code device;
  • RS232 channel can transfer asynchronous serial data with self-adaptable baud rate of 300 to 19200;
  • 220VAC & -48VDC power options and the positive and negative of DC-48V can be optional because there is the self-test circuit for the polarity inside the device



working temperature: 0°C – 50°C

relative humidity: 95%(without coagulation)
No causticity and impregnant gas, no rising dust, no strong magnetic field disturbing
Adapting module power, voltage range can be wide, with strong ant-jamming function .

With good insulation, stable working status is available
power: -48V type, input voltage: -36V¡«-72V
power: 220V type, input voltage: 165V¡«265V
power consume:<5W

E1 Interface
Line Rate: 2.048Mbps±50ppm
Line Code : HDB3
Interface Standard: ITU-T G.703
E1 Impedance : 75Ω(unbalance) and 120Ω(balance) adapt
Connections : dual coax and 120-ohm twisted-pair (RJ45)
Jitter tolerance : fine than G.742 and G.823

10/100Base-T Interface
RATE : 10/100M ,full/duplex auto-negotiation
PROTOCOL: Support IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
MAC Adderess Entiries:4096 Entiries
Totol Memory Sizes:64MBits SDRAM
Connections:Two RJ45

RS232 port
Rate£º  300£­115.2Kbps auto-adaptable (Asynchronous)
Interface characteristic£º  satisfies ITU-T V.24 standardConnector£ºRJ45


Mini Type:210mm(W) × 140mm (L) x 30mm(H)

19inch Type:433 mm£¨L£©×138mm£¨W£©× 44 mm£¨H£©


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Framed E1 G.703/704 to RS-232 and Ethernet converter, DC or AC power options, mini or 19' rack mount


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